Saturday 14 June 2014

Nook DIY House of Pancakes

I have been wanting to try out DIY pancakes but never got the chance to. Was planning a meet up with my cousin and her family and after shortlisting some places, Nook was our 3rd choice. When I called Slappy Cakes, they said they don't take reservations but because we have 2 toddlers, it will be bad if we have to queue and wait. So I called Nook DIY House of Pancakes instead and they gladly took my reservation and so we gave our business to Nook.

We were there on a weekend morning at around 11am, about 80% of the tables were filled.

The hot plate thingy to make your pancakes.

Besides pancakes, they have quite a wide variety of food items for brunch. If you do not want to DIY your pancakes, they do have ready made ones for you.

The mushroom soup is nice. 

This is one of the heartiest breakfast set. Quite a huge portion and since we were ordering some other items, we shared this.

Extra sides we ordered.

We ordered one bottle of original DIY pancake batter. Each bottle cost $10. We were told one bottle can make three pancakes. We made small thin slices of pancakes and it lasted us through the brunch for 4 adults and 2 toddlers. Those small pancakes we made in different shapes and sizes... i think there were at least 20 pcs of them.

The original batter tasted really good. It was a little savoury and when done, it tasted really crispy and buttery.

We ordered a set of ready made rainbow pancakes but they tasted horrid. Im not sure why but the pancake looks really dark for some pieces. I think they had added too much colours and it was bitter too. All of us agreed its bitter. How come pancakes are bitter? Yucks!! That set of 6pcs cost $14.

Truffle fries that was quite salty but my boy loves it. -.-"

Lotsa humpty dumptys on the wall mural.

Telling you how to DIY your pancakes.

Didnt see this until almost end of our brunch. Will be nice if they can put more signages within the restaurant.

Overall it was quite a pleasant experience. Food was not bad too and service was also quite fast. I love the original DIY pancake. We may just be back just for this.

Will I Return to this Outlet Again: Likely
Got Service: 7/10

21 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598123


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